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Useful Railroad Links

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Canadian National (CN)

Pricing - Information on CN Pricing Program but no actual movement rates

Tariffs - This page provides Tariff’s already in place and information on how to subscribe to CN’s new Tariff’s as they become available to the public

Mileage Calculator - Instructions on how to access the mileage calculator but no actual mileage

Contact Link - CN Representatives by Commodity

Customer Center - This page provides access to the New Customer Page, Business with CN Page, Shipping Tools, Other Information, Intermodal Gateway Link, Optional Services and Tariffs.

Fuel Surcharge - This page provides details about CN’s Fuel Surcharges and includes links to the Tariffs which describe them

SEC Filings - Use the ‘Financial Statements’ links to view the most up to date Canadian equivalent of SEC Filings, use the links on the left panel to access the past years and/or archive

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Norfolk Southern (NS)

Pricing and Tariffs

Contact Link - NS Representatives by State

Customer Page - This page shows the most up to date track alerts from NS and the left panel allows access to Fuel Price News, Short Line Information, Intermodal Information, Performance Measures, Real Estate, Subsidiaries, Publications, Billing and Payments Information and Customer Service.

System Map - See main tracks and trackage haul rights in the east categorized by state.

Fuel Surcharge - Detail of NS Fuel Surcharges

SEC Filings

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Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)

Pricing and Tariffs

Mileage Calculator

Contact Link - BNSF Representatives by Territory

Customer Page - The left panel on this page allows access to: Contact Information, Equipment Information, Maps, Prices, Schedules, Real Estate, Reference Guides, Glossary, Station Listings and Solution Links.

System Map - Find terminals, junctions, trackage rights, main tracks, branch tracks, aposing carriers tracks, out-of-service tracks, spurs and much more detailed information on rail lines and where they are and go.

Fuel Surcharge - Detail of BNSF Fuel Surcharges

SEC Filings

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Pricing and Tariffs

Mileage Calculator - Instructions on how to sign up for access to the mileage calculator but no mileage provided without logging in

Contact Link - CSXT Representatives General 800 Numbers not by commodity or state

Customer Page - Use the panel on the left side of the page to acquire Rates, Contacts for Commodities, CSX News, New CSX Customer Page and other General Information.

Fuel Surcharge - Detail of CSXT Fuel Surcharges

SEC Filings

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Union Pacific (UP)

Pricing and Tariffs

Mileage Calculator - Two options: one requires a login the other does not.

Contact Link - Contact Links for Customers, Suppliers, Real Estate and Public Information.

Customer Page - Use this page to get information on Commodities, Intermodal, Demurrage and Fuel Surcharge Rules, Multiple Maps on UP’s Rail Lines, Port Locations/Services and Surplus Equipment for Sale.

Fuel Surcharge - Links to a detail of UP Fuel Surcharge

SEC Filings

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Kansas City Southern (KCS)

Pricing and Tariffs

Contact Link - Sales and Marketing Contacts by Commodity, Customer Service Contacts, E-Commerce Contacts and Contacts for U.S. Short Line Connections.

Home Page - The Home Page permits access to Login Pages, Customer Pages, Investor Pages, Supplier Pages, General Public Pages and Real Estate Pages.

Fuel Surcharge - Links to Details on KCS Fuel Surcharges

SEC Filings

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Canadian Pacific (CP)

Pricing and Tariffs - This page is an e-mail based form to get a rate e-mailed back to the sender

Mileage Calculator - Instructions on how to access CP’s mileage calculator

Contact Link - Contact CP Representatives by e-mail or on the phone by commodity

Existing Customer Page - This page has links to Damage prevention and Claims Services, Border Guides, Facilities, Schedules, Shipping Instructions, Tariffs and Bulletins, Subscriptions and the most recent bulletins are posted at the bottom of the page.

Fuel Surcharges - Use Fuel Surcharge links to view current and past Fuel Surcharge details on CP

SEC Filings - Use ‘Earnings Release’ links to view Canadian equivalent SEC Filings


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Association of American Railroads (AAR)

AAR News - Headlines from AAR and what is new on their web site. The bar on the left has links to government affairs, railroad industry info, rail hazmat/ rerouting, the pressroom, publications, and events

Rail Cost Adjustment Factor (RCAF) Detailed Description

Rail Cost Adjustment Factor (RCAF) Historical Data Summary

Rail Cost Adjustment Factor (RCAF) Quarterly Data - Must select quarter from drop down menu in Rail Cost Adjustment Factor (RCAF) section

All-Inclusive Index Less Fuel (All-LF) - This index was created to provide a parallel measure of the Rail Cost Adjustment Factor without the influence of the fuel cost component

Index of Monthly Railroad Fuel Prices - This index measures changes in the price of locomotive diesel fuel purchased by freight railroads

Contact Link - AAR's address, a link to a full contact list of AAR personnel and a link to AAR's frequently Asked questions

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Surface Transportation Board (STB)

What's New - New releases from the STB. The links on the left connect to the STB home page, news releases, testimony and speeches and a sign up for STB news. there is a text box in the upper left which can be used to search the STB site for information.

RCAF - Explains the STB's part in the RCAF index

Contact Link - STB's address, Federal Relay Service, General Information, Office of Congressional and Public Service and links to Key Contact Links and Ready Reference List

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Energy Information Administration (EIA)

OHD - Average of all types of On-Highway Diesel fuel.

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Consumers United for Rail Equity (CURE)

Key Legislation - Provisions of Current Legislation and Proposed Customer Solutions

Contact Cure - Contact informantion for CURE

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Government Representatives

United States Senate Commitee Members - Find contact information for your representatives.

Members of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure U.S. House of Representatives 110th Congress - Representatives listed alphabetically and the state they represent.

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