See what some of our current subscribers have to say about Rail Rate Checker:

"Rail Rate Checker paid for itself in no time. It makes it easy to demonstrate where rail rates are too high and to support the rate levels we need for our traffic." – Robert Byrd, Materials Handling Manager - Nucor Steel Arkansas
"Rail Rate Checker is easy to use, it’s logical and all of my questions are answered thoroughly. The program is great for strategic planning and is thoroughly supported by Escalation Consultants." – David Armstrong, Advanced Analyst - Marathon Petroleum
"Rail Rate Checker provides valuable intelligence that helps keep us competitive in our markets. It is used extensively during contract negotiations as it lets us benchmark our rates to competitors’ for our markets." – Anita Stettner, Regional Accounts Manager - Saskatchewan Minerals, Inc.
"Rail Rate Checker is a must for my rate negotiations. The visibility and insight it offers, provides the certainty needed to explain to the railroads what I need and why. Believe me, RRC pays itself many times over!" – Richard Lawler, Logistic Manager - Trinity Lightweight
"Rail Rate Checker gives us access to accurate information and at a level of detail that allows us to eliminate a lot of assumptions and spend our time on strategic issues." – Lee Glass, Director of Transportation - United Sugars
"Rail Rate Checker helps us validate our rail rate structure. With the program we know when we have as good or better rates than our competition and we have the analysis to prove it. Rail Rate Checker identifies where rates are excessively high and may be keeping us out of markets." – Wilbur Smith, Business Analyst – Quality Transportation Services
"Rail Rate Checker allows rail customers to become ‘informed consumers. It provides a database based upon accurate information provided by both the railroads and the Surface Transportation Board." – Ray Burke, Marketing & Transportation Consultants - Detroit Salt Co.
"Rail Rate checker is easy to use and provides the movement specific costs and rate benchmarks I need to improve negotiations with railroads." – Jack Hensen - E.N. Hensen & Associates
"Over the course of a year, using Rail Rate Checker allowed me to save my boss over a $100K in freight rates. The information is very valuable!" – Richard Lawler, Rail Logistics Manager, Big River Industries
"Rail Rate Checker is a very useful system for analyzing and benchmarking rail rates." – Tom O’Connor, President Tom O’Connor Group, LLC
"We use Rail Rate Checker and find it is extremely beneficial." – Richard Lissa, Director Logistics, Formosa Plastics USA
"Escalation Consultants provide two indispensable things for rail shippers – one is an approach that helps take tension out of the negotiation process and two, a source of workable solutions to help you get the rate you need to expand your business." – Kevin J Gallagher, President, Quality Transportation Services, Inc.
"Rail Rate Checker is a great quick and easy way to determine rates that are reasonable for my movements.  It allows me to be much more proactive with my railroads by educating them on the rates I need." – Francis Lalonde, Director of Strategic Initiatives – Dyno Nobel

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