Calculates the railroad’s variable cost for your movements and provides comparison benchmarks including average rates, average captive rates and average competitive rates for movements meeting your parameters. The profitability for your movements is calculated and compared to other railroad’s movements.

Allows you to quickly obtain rates for specific movements of other companies for your commodities. Rates are available from and to specific markets as well as by mileage range into more general geographic areas.

RRC Plus Premium
RRC Plus

Shows the railroads historical SEC Filings and allows changes in cost and revenue to be compared to escalation indexes.

Shows the importance of your business to your railroads and how your rates stack up to average rates for your commodities. Provides expected rate increases and each railroad’s business model for you commodities


Section   Quarter & Year
SEC Fillings:   2Q19
Commodities by Railroad:   2Q19
Waybill:   2017
Cost and Rates for Movements Base Cost:   2017
Escalated Cost:   1Q19

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