The Power of Rail Rate
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Rail Rate Checker Plus provides a better way to reduce rail expenses and maintain and improve your market share.

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Rail Rate Checker

Rail Rate Checker Plus

The proper routes and miles for your moves check check
The rail competition for each movement check check
Railroads cost and profit for each move check check
The benchmark rate for each move based on the profit railroads receive from your competitors check check
When your rates put you at a competitive disadvantage in your markets check check
The location of your primary competitors in markets and The rate levels you need to improve profits and market share check check
Whether your rates into markets put you in a less competitive position now than in the past check check
Your rate increases versus what your railroad is obtaining from your competitors check check
How railroads costs and system wide rates are changing in relation to your rates check check
Your closest location for a potential trans-load check check
The proper fuel surcharge for your movements check check
Update the cost, profit and rate benchmarks for hundreds of your movements in seconds with the click of a button busy check
The profit each railroad makes from all your captive versus competitive traffic busy check
Your biggest rate problems and best opportunities for reducing expenses busy check
The ceiling price for problem movements busy check
How your primary competitors in markets have changed overtime busy check
The Problems with your overall rate structure on each railroad busy check