Recommendations from
Past Attendees

"I recommend the seminar to not only current rail shippers, but those considering rail versus multiple mode options. It provides an easy straight forward approach to the negotiation process regardless of your company's shipment volume; with the introduction of powerful negotiation tools that provide understanding to obtain reasonable rates." – Ted Gleason, Transportation Manager - TETRA Technologies, Inc
"The seminar is very practical and supports an active approach to rail negotiating and contracting that I endorse wholeheartedly." – Bruce Johnson, VP Global Logistics, Momentive Specialty Chemicals
"Now I have direction as to how to build a case and prepare for negotiations with railroads." – Pedro Berruecos, Operations Manager, CRU Trading Co
"This was a very timely and worthwhile seminar. The approach with planned strategies for accomplishing rate objectives is really helpful." – Charles Sheahan, Logistics Manager - Norfalco Sales, Inc
"I highly recommend this seminar. It changed the way our company prepares for rail negotiations." – Richard Lawler, Transportation Manager - Big River Industries
"This was a very useful rail strategic planning seminar. The interaction created with other seminar participant was great." – Mike Sorensen, Manager Fuels - Salt River Project
"Good perspective, pragmatic in its approach, supported by an excellent database and powerful tool to get rates and position yourself versus the industry. Recommendable for all having to deal with the railroads – Theo Zwygers, VP Supply Chain - Lyondell Basell Industries
"The program broadened my approach for strategic planning prior to negotiations and will help me to improve negotiations." – Belle Huang, Logistics Analyst - Hexion Specialty Chemicals Corp
"Our process for rail negotiations will change as a result of this seminar. Both our preparation and what will be presented to the carriers in negotiations will be different." – Jim Lynn, Manager Sales & Marketing - Rio Tinto
"Great seminar. It will help me to be more productive in dealing with the railroads." – Ron Moore, Vice President of Sales - Bamag, Inc
"A thought provoking seminar that will assist in controlling rail expenses, as well as in reporting to management on rail issues." – David Bernstein, Manager Logistics - Buzzi Unicem, USA
"I really enjoyed the seminar. Changed how I will approach my job. More energy will be put into strategic planning in developing an effective negotiation strategy with railroads." – Jeff Greavu, Commercial Operations Logistics Manager Cargill, Inc
"The seminar was great! Excellent, timely information, the most useful programs i've been to in years." – Keli McCarty, Logistics Manager, Central U.S. - Chemical Lime Co
"Great seminar, it added tools that I can implement when approaching rail negotiations." – Will Geiger, Inbound Procurement Rail - Chrysler, LLC
"Very informative seminar that will really help with our strategic planning and rate negotiations." – Jon Moss, Manager Rail Pricing - Georgia Pacific, LLC
"I was able to put the things I learned at the seminar to work immediately. I would recommend the seminar to anyone that negotiates with railroads." – Lisa Longtin, Manager Rail & Barge Operations - Grain Processing Corp
"As a result of the seminar, preparation for future rail negotiations will definitely include more detailed information gathering and be broader in scope then in the past." – Jeffrey Stone, Vice President, Logistics - Grain Processing Corp
"The seminar provided great ideas for controlling rail costs and in educating upper management about their impact on rail issues." – Richard Loeschner, Transportation Manager - ICL Performing Products, LP
"An enjoyable seminar that provided lots of information that will be very useful in our strategic planning as well as in rail negotiations. The interaction with other rail shippers was great." – Kevin Bland, Rail Strategy & Planning Manager - LaFarge North America
"Great seminar, with a good mix of education on rate negotiation issues and industry related issues. The group discussions with other rail shippers were great." – Ty Weber, Rail Analyst - Marathon Petroleum Co
"Very interesting seminar. It gave me great ideas on ways to better control rail expenses. The interaction with other rail shippers was great." – Mike Gurkin, Director Procurement - Martin Marietta Materials
"A thought provoking seminar that provided me with great information for negotiations, as well as for getting upper management more involved and committed to transportation issues." – Tom Kirby, Manager New Business Development - Musket Corp
"The seminar contained valuable information and how-to guidelines for rate negotiations that will be very beneficial in our dealings with railroads." – Robert Byrd, Shipping Manager - Nucor Steel Arkansas
"The information gained from the seminar will be very helpful in preparing for rail negotiations. This was time well spent." – Marcio DaCosta, Director Procurement - OCI Chemical Corp
"An informative seminar that was well worth my time. It provided a road map for actionable steps to address in controlling rate increases." – Ed Pond, Manager Order Fulfillment - Potlatch Forest Products Co
"The seminar changed my perspective on how to deal with railroads. I hadn't viewed my situation as one with leverage before." – Dennis Quimby, Logistics - The Scoular Company
"Some of the presentations and visuals were simply priceless. I can't think of anything that could be improved." – Jack Spittler, Manager Logistics - Westlake Chemical Corp
"The seminar provides a comprehensive approach for increasing leverage in rail negotiations. A top-down approach that gives you control over the process." – Raymond Ortman, President - Winamac Southern Railway